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By PiggsUnite
#205240 In the anime it is seen many times that ash and the gang have their pokemon fight each other to train, is there a way to add this, my idea is that it wouldn't give very much XP if any, and would primarily be a way to test specific strategies

By Waldie
#206210 Yes, this feature would be nice.
Even if you just get bored and wanna battle without risk.
By proclarushtaonasat
#207114 In creative mode, one can create and edit trainers and their teams.

what if you could create trainers in survival, and give them your pokemon? Basically make an NPC version of the Ranch Block.

This would allow you to battle your own pokemon, AND add the ability to use the trainers as guards for your base, or whatever.
By proclarushtaonasat
#207121 yup, thats the idea. Im a huge fan of emergent gameplay. when adding a thing, dont just add one thing, allow it to mingle with other gamemechanics, so it can grow into something beautiful.
If they also add a way to let npc trainers distinguish between friend and foe, so that a trainer only attacks other players, or players that do/dont fulfill certain conditions, like wether they are on their bosses friendlist or wear certain equipment, like, if you wear a team magma hat...
Also one could make them follow the player, to act as double battle partners, like in some areas of the actual games (gen3 onward).