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By jsnbrown1989
#205362 [Decoration Blocks] Lights
The items introduced in 7.3 added alot of options concerning decor and building for adventure maps and for server spawns as well.

In continuation of the theme, I wanted to promote the addition of streetlights and ceiling lights into the Pixelmon world.

  • Streetlights
    Streetlights are found often in the main pokemon series games and add a great deal of atmosphere to the cities and towns. Even as we advance to later versions of minecraft, lanterns still can't convey the same atmosphere that a streetlight would.
  • Wall Lights
    Best seen on the exterior walls of buildings in SwSh, wall lights would be the tops of the streetlights but attached the sides of blocks instead of on a pole.
  • Ceiling light
    Simple thin block that emits light.