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By heinrich27
#205822 Heya,
I would like to have some improvements and/or additions added to the Pixelmon Quest System, so lets get into it:

1. Just make it easier/possible to attach Quests to an NPC, for example with the NPC editor.

2. A Better Compatibly with Commands, like the vannila Advancement System, which has /advancement grant Player only Advancementname Condition
So that you can complete an Objective inside a Stage
Theres also the need of an ability to test where the player is in a Questline.

3. New Action: “TAKE_ITEM” this simply removes a certain amount of items from the players INV as this is very hard to realize with commands.

4. An Action to unlock a quest after you completed multiple quests before.

5. An Objective that checks for battle winning, even for multiplayer battles with name, player tag and team(the teams specified with /scoreboard teams) matching to track things like battle winning.

I hope we’ll see something like that ingame ;)