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By xXxCH45Y8U11xXx
#205831 So, currently when editing pokeloots there is a lot of gamemode switching to select the different variables:
> Right click (Creative + Survival mode) - Changes visibility
> Left click (Creative mode) - Breaks it
> Shift right click (Creative mode) - Changes player ownership to server ownership so it gives a random item
> Left click (Survival mode) - Changes the dropping function (unlimited, 1 drop, first come first served, etc)
> *Note* - You have to change the DROP function and VIABILITY mode BEFORE you change the OWNERSHIP or ITEM

My suggestion is to add a GUI similar to the ones of the chisel or the NPC/pokemon editor. As well as a "Loot Wand" that you would click a pokeloot with and be able to set the variables.
This "Loot Editor" would not be craftable and have similar config settings to the editor wands and the chisel
> Config setting - "pixelmon.looteditor.use": Allows a player to use a loot editor.

An example of the GUI can be seen here:
However, please excuse the unfrofessionalism of it, I rushed it to produce a visual aid to my suggestion.

A list of functions would be as follows:
> Loot Item ID - Selects the item the pokeloot will provide
> Loot Ball - Selects the ball the loot would display when a player finds it. Currently in game there are 4 - Poke,Ultra-Master,Beast. However more could be added if this feature were to be implemented.
> Loot Ownership - Just like the current pokeloots do when they are set to the server ownership, this would ignore the "Item Loot ID" if set to "server" and follow it if set to "player"
> Loot viability - Makes it so the pokeloot is displayed or invisible (just like current pokeloots do)
> Animate - Enables/disables the pokeloot particles on both viable and invisible ones, therefore allowing for better player experience. (For example, if a server were to set up an event where a player is placed in a small room and in that room were an invisible pokeloot containing a key to escape, it would be possible by disabling the particles on the invisible pokeloot, a feature currently not available in the game I believe.)

All feature suggestions are subject to change dependent on developer interpretation, so if some of the features are unneeded/unused or GUI sections names are changed to make them better, that's completely fine.

Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion,
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By SKy2008
#205832 Yes, please.

Probably not something with high priority though. Especially since we're still in the middle of updating everything to Gen8.