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By xXxCH45Y8U11xXx
#205847 So, as far as I'm aware, saddles are unused in Pixelmon, which is quite a shame because they are fairly rare items to find. A way I thought you could incorporate them is with ride pokemon.
So, in Gen 7, the alola region uses ride pokemon to travel everywhere, it would be a cool idea to allow us to put saddles on certain pokemon to make them ride pokemon (AKA just a new skin with a saddle on them that we sit on to ride them.) Placing the saddle on them could be similar to the way you use held items.

Further details on what ride pokemon are and which pokemon are used as them:

This is purely cosmetic unless another use is thought of by someone else, in which case feel free to leave a comment to expand on the idea.

Thank you for reading my suggestion.

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By SKy2008
#205851 Many Pokémon can already be ridden. Some are dedicated land mounts, some flyers, some surfers. This has been a thing before the main games introduced dedicated riding Pokémon and was based on the original surf/fly mechanics.
From what I hear, next update will expand even further on the mount list.

However, adding a visual saddle for riding would require us to make additional models for every affected Pokémon. I don't think that will happen. Modeling/animation is already a bottleneck for updates - and several hundred additional models will not exactly improve file size and performance...