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By CrazyMew37
#205904 Here is a pretty simple idea: being able to eat curry and berries in the Pixelmon Mod. Eating Curry can give yourself EXP as well, and increase your hunger and saturation by a good amount. Depending on how you made the Curry, it could give you more/less hunger, saturation, and EXP. If the curry is good enough, it could give you effects as well! (Jump Boost, Regeneration Strength, etc.) And maybe it could give you negative effects if the curry is that bad. (Ex. Nausea, Hunger, Slowness, etc.)

Berries are the same thing, but they can't give you EXP and only fill your hunger/saturation up by a bit. Effects can work as well, but they will only last for a few seconds (Like 10-30 seconds). Other items used to make Curry don't have to be edible, but it could work as normal food as well.

I hope that this idea can be used in some way, and I hope you enjoy it! :-D

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By 9Tales
#211346 I know that this is a very old post, and Berries are already edible as of version 8.2, but I also felt that curry should be edible. I would like to expand on your ideas and also give my take on it. :-)

There is little reason why you shouldn't be able to hold down the use key to eat curry as long as your cursor is not pointed at one of your Pokemon. After all, in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the player is shown to eat curry along with their Pokemon. This suggests that in Pixelmon, either the player should also eat the curry when the Pokemon eats it (after all, saying that you shared the curry with them implies that you're eating it too) or the player should be able to eat it themself.

As for my own thoughts:
  1. I feel that Curry should restore 6 or 7 hunger points (3 to 3.5 hunger bars) when the player eats it. Gigantamax Curry, being bigger, should restore 10 hunger points (5 hunger bars) instead.
  2. The multiplier for saturation should depend on the curry class of the curry. Koffing class has a saturation multiplier of 0.2, Wobbuffet class has a saturation multiplier of 0.6, Milcery class has a saturation multiplier of 1.2, Copperajah class has a saturation multiplier of 1.6, and Charizard class has a saturation multiplier of 2.4.

Expanding on your thoughts:
  1. I agree that eating curry should give EXP. I also agree that it should depend on the class. I'm not sure the best EXP amounts for each curry to give, but I've thought of the following amounts: Koffing class gives 0 EXP, Wobbuffet class gives 40 EXP, Milcery class gives 100 EXP, Copperajah class gives 200 EXP, and Charizard class gives 500 EXP.
  2. I like the idea of curry giving the player status effects (don't think it should depend on class though except for maybe the duration). They should last for 2 minutes average or max. I think the status effect should be dependent on the flavor, as a Pokemon's taste preferences are affected by their Nature, which affects their stats. Spicy Curry should give Strength II, Sour Curry should give Resistance II, Dry Curry should give Jump Boost II, Bitter Curry should give Regeneration II, and Sweet Curry should give Speed II. Plain Curry does not give any status effects, and Gigantamax Curry gives all five.
  3. I'm not sure how I feel about the idea of negative status effects for bad curry. If this gets added anyway, I think it should be a few additional statuses on top of whatever status effects it gets from flavor. Perhaps Koffing class curry should give the player a brief Nausea, Mining Fatigue, and Weakness effect.

Overall, all curry except Gigantamax Curry (which restores 10 hunger points) should restore 6 hunger points out of the player's 20 hunger points. The class of the curry determines how much EXP the player should get, how much saturation is restored, and maybe how long status effects last. The flavor of the curry should determine what status effect the curry gives, with Gigantamax counting as all five flavors in this regard.

If the Devs think this is too overpowered, I say it isn't. Curry doesn't stack, curry takes 30 seconds to make, and you need multiple ingredients to make 1 serving of good curry. Therefore, these bonuses cannot be easily abused. Players would likely eat curry as a food source for a reason, and not use it as their staple food. Also, Gigantamax Curry isn't overpowered because Gigantamix is expensive.