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By Oisin
#205947 Hello! I have (arguably) too much time on my hands and decided to write up a concept for how I think shadow Pokémon and the Purify Chamber could work in Pixelmon. I hope you enjoy :D

To start off: The Pokemon themselves! Here's how I think they can work:
  • The Snag Machine, equip-able by crafting it and placing it in it's slot below the shiny charm. Crafted like so: Image
  • Once the player has the Snag Machine, they can capture shadow pokemon. These would be either very rare wild spawns, or somewhat rare pokemon carried by trainers.
  • Once caught, a player can work towards opening a shadow pokemon's heart by walking it around, using it in battle or using a Lure on it (in place of Scents). Lures matching the type of the pokemon will open their heart substantially.
  • As for what pokemon can appear in shadow-form, here's a list of all of them from Bulbapedia. They all have exclusive moves, too, so it'd be a way to obtain those.
  • To identify them, they could have a purple particle-y aura.

Now, to purify them. I think shadow Pokemon completion could make a nice endgame goal, so I made the recipes relatively complex and material-hungry. There would be two main methods of purifying pokemon:
1, Have Celebi in your party, as well as a pokemon ready to open it's heart. Right click an Ilex Shrine, select the Shadow Pokemon and.. boom! Purified, nice and simple.
2, The Purify Chamber.

The Purify Chamber is as follows:
  • A structure the player must assemble of various parts. These include Purify Chamber Pad, Purify Chamber Computer and Purify Chamber wiring.
  • A purify chamber pad is a structure that must be built in a 3x3 format. It can be crafted 3 at a time like so: Image.
  • For each 3x3 Purify Chamber Pad the player assembles, they have access to one set with 4 slots for regular pokemon, and 1 for the shadow pokemon.
  • More sets can be added by linking together pads via the Purify Chamber Wiring and placing a P-Chamber Computer at the front of one pad.
  • The computer and wiring are crafted as so: Image Image
  • Example of a fully-built purify chamber could look something like this: Image
  • If the size of certain pokemon is a concern, I think having them all by Pygmy-sized "holograms" could be neat.
  • Once a pokémon is purified, it gains a light-blue coloured name, and emits paleblue/white particles.

Hope the concept sounds interesting! Thanks for checkin' it out.

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By jsnbrown1989
#206125 I have a suspicion that this will never get added to Pixelmon however I do really like this concept.

It would add a new dynamic to the game and would be quite fun to go around and battle NPC trainers to get the shadow pokemon.

I feel like the shadow pokemon should only exist as Trainer's pokemon and not wild pokemon, just because of how they are portrayed in Colosseum. And yea, they should be pretty rare.

I suppose one day when all the developers are sitting around bored, we may see this added in but I'm betting their focus will always be on the latest generation's pokemon and features and getting those massaged in.
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By Tahlavos17
#208542 I like this idea, but to me there would need to be a quest involved just to get the device where you need to obtain new parts to craft the Snag Machine or defeat a group of NPCs one of which is a Boss Trainer in a new structure that spawns in the Desert Biome just to get the Snag Machine. The idea of select trainers who have Shadow Pokemon would be a breath of fresh air but I would make it to where you would need a special device that can be equipped like the Dynamax Band / Key Stone where it's a Holo-Visor that allows you to see the which Pokemon are Shadow Pokemon. I see the Shadow identifier being gifted to you as a reward for getting the Snag Machine from the NPCs.

I also think the Snag Machine could be coded in an extra way to allow the user to catch
Wild Pokemon with an increase the chance of all PokeBalls except for the Quick Ball, Master Ball, Timer Ball, Park Ball, Cherish Ball, Dream Ball, Fast Ball, or GS Ball to make filling out the PokeDex a little bit easier to a degree.

As for the Purify Chamber maybe switch out the sugar for Aluminum Plates and make it a variable size would be better. I only say this due to how big certain Pokemon could be, and it would be up to the player to decide how big they wish to go just for purifying certain Pokemon or have it be coded in a way that the Pokemon shows up on a screen in it's sprite form on with the PokeBall being in a holder while the Pokemon get Purified.

There are many ways it could go for this idea to be successful, but hey this is just my thought on the topic.
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By Kile467
#209691 I had the same idea as you!!

Pokemon GO added Shadow Pokemon as well, so they are a thing in the Pokemon universe. Originally they were only in Pokemon Colosseum and XD, due to the actions of the villians in these games. Now, Team Rocket are known to wield them in Pokemon GO.

I can imagine a lot of quests unlocked in a normal mid-game playthrough of survival Pixelmon related to shadow pokemon.

And now Shadow Lugia skin (and a possible Shadow Mewtwo from Pokkén?) have some purpose in-game as well!!

Really interesting and one new feature with a lot of interesting mechanics added to Pixelmon!! I was going to add this suggestion but it is a pleasure to find out someone suggested it before me.

I'm all into this!