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By XyloComics
#206217 Add some more pokeballs with more unique effects to capture certain species of pokemon and or in different battle conditions. I've compiled a list of pokeballs that I would love to see in the actual games but would work really well with Pixelmon.

I put my recommended multipliers for each pokeball, but if you guys add it and change it then so be it. The pricing for each pokeball in pokemarts could vary from at least 1,000 to 3,000 per, depending on catch rates and added effects.

Dawn Ball: Similar to the Dusk Ball, this Pokeball would be useful for catching Pokemon during the morning and in extra bright places. 3.5x Catch Rate.

Weather Ball: Increases the chance of catching Pokemon during strong weather conditions (Strong sunlight, heavy rain, hail, etc.) 4x Catch Rate.

Health Ball: Increases likelihood of catching a pokemon with full health. 3.5x Catch Rate, goes down when lower health.

Condition Ball: Increases liklihood of catching a pokemon with a status condition. 2x Catch Rate.

Mystery Ball: The more powerful the Pokemon's Hidden Power, the more effective this ball is (a matter of luck).

Pursuit ball: Works better on pokemon that try to flee. 2.5x Catch Rate.

Infant ball: Works better on "baby pokemon" (ie: smoochum, bonsly, mime jr., tyrouge, etc). 4x Catch Rate.

Attachment ball: If this is used on a pokemon that is able to hold a specific item in the wild but isn't holding one, there is a chance it will gain said item after it is caught with this ball. For example, Pikachu and the light ball. 1x Catch Rate.

Roulette Ball: The has several elements of other Balls which vary depending on certain things. Basically it could have the effects of a Pokeball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Fast Ball, Heavy Ball, Lure Ball, etc. It's like the Metronome of pokeballs.

Emergency Ball: Works better the closer your own Pokemon is to fainting. 1.2x Catch Rate for every 1/5 of health lost.

Sludge Ball: Works especially well on poison type Pokémon as well as ones that are poisoned. 1.5x Catch Rate, 2x Catch Rate w/ Toxic poison.

Magnet Ball: Works better for Steel types. Also works better if the opponent is a Plus while your pokemon has Minus and vice versa. 2x Catch Rate.

Cold Ball: Works better for Ice types and also Frozen pokemon. 2x Catch Rate.

Sync Ball: Works better for pokemon with the same type or nature. 4x Catch Rate.

Echo Ball: Works better if the pokemon was hit by a Sound move the turn before. 3x Catch Rate.

Gravity Ball: Works better against Flying types and Levitators. 2.5x Catch Rate.

Sacred Ball: works better against Dragon types. 3x Catch Rate.

Dual Ball: Works better on Pokemon of more than 1 type. 2.5x Catch Rate.

Risk Ball: The ball with the best catch rate (excluding the Master Ball) but the Pokemon will flee the battle (bypassing moves like Mean Look) if the capture fails.

Skill Ball: Works better on Pokemon that have altered either theirs or your Pokemon's stats. 1.2x Catch Rate per status change.

Kecleon Ball: Standard catch rate & Set pixels with the same design as Kecleon's head, o V o, which change color depending on the pokemon inside.

Gold Ball: Whenever you use this Pokemon in a trainer battle, beauty contest, or participate in anything with your pokemon that gives a reward, you can gain extra prize money, more rare rewards, ect. 1x Catch Rate.

Magic Ball: Works against Psychic, Fairy and Ghost types. 2.5x Catch Rate.

Mecha Ball: Works against Steel and Electric types, as well as Paralyzed targets. 3x Catch Rate.

Fortune Ball: Catch rate increases and decreases based on the amount of money you have, the money you have the more effective it'll be, every $1,000 will add 1% effectiveness to that of a Regular Pokéball.

Love Ball Change: More likely to succeed against a Pokémon of the opposite gender to the Trainer's Pokémon and infatuated targets under the effect of moves like Attract.

By Waldie
#206220 I'm sorry, but they've already made it clear that they would like to keep the mod as close to the original franchise as possible.