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By Lukob96
#206296 Generations 6 and 8 added some amazing quality of life changes to the move reminder that aren't yet in Pixelmon. I think it would be great if they were added.

Generation 6 made it so you could re-learn any move that a Pokémon knows when it hatches, meaning you could re-learn egg moves if you forget them.

Generation 8 made it so you can re-learn any TRs that you previously taught that Pokémon then forgot. This doesn't work for TMs since TMs are infinite use, so it may be worth considering letting TMs be re-learnt if they are set to single use in the config.

Reference: ... able_moves

By proclarushtaonasat
#207112 I like that.
I´d also like the option to BE a move relearner/tutor/whatever yourself

In the original pokemon games, you couldnt change the nickname of your pokemon on your own, which was very inconvenient and didnt make sense. In pixelmon you can do that yourself.

Id like the option (which can be turned off) to remind your own pokemon of its moves, maybe by using an consumable item, like the heart scale, to open the relearner menu without the use of an npc.

Also becoming a move tutor could be accomplished by creating special TMs for those moves. In general the ability to edit the list of TM/HM/TR by yourself would be really cool. And item sprites only differ in color
By LykunGG
#212309 I agree with the Legends: Arceus take. So long as the Pokémon has learned the move before, via breeding, TMs, TRs, Tutors, etc it should be able to re-learn it at the same convenience as Legends: Arceus had.