By ShayminPlays
#206369 My suggestion is kinda broken up into two suggestions, but having one would imply the other's existence hence why I'm putting both into a single thread.

Power Spots: Placeable blocks that will allow any battles within the near vicinity to utilise Dynamax and Gigantamax. Right click the block in Creative/op to configure the radius in which Dynamax trainer battles can occur.

Limited Dynamaxing: A command or config option which prevents trainers from Dynamaxing in battles. There are three options to choose from: 1. All battles can use Dynamax by default, but have the option to disable in the pre-battle screen. 2. Battles can only use Dynamax when within the radius of a Power Spot. 3. No battles can use Dynamax.

The reason for implementing these changes is to have a gameplay experience realistic to the Generation 8 games where you can only use the Dynamax feature in various arenas or locations. I want to allow Dynamax in very specific situations on my server, but I don't want players randomly using Dynamax in the wild or against each other in spawn. Implementing this would be a great QoL change.

Thanks for giving this a read!