By DiamondDX
#206506 starting with version 8.1.2, bosses in the tower stopped giving drop. is it normal?

Update towers in future updates:
(our tower is an analogue of a tower of cantos, the city of lavender called the Pokémon tower)
- tower structure and detailing
- protection against restructuring
- inability to grab and get to the top of the tower through flight
- add new type tower and dungeon from the Pokémon universe:
Abandoned Ship (Hoenn - Route 108)
Abyssal Ruins (Unova)
Battle Frontier
Battle Maison (Hoenn and Kalos)
Bell Tower (johto)
Power Plant (Kanto)
and more variants: ... ns_by_name

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By SKy2008
#206511 This is not the place for bug reports. For that, please refer to the bug tracker. Especially if there is already a ticket for it:

Protection against mining/building and alternate access like flying is something a player/server has to decide on their own. They are part of the Minecraft experience.

As for more structures: We'll have to see how that comes along and what shape exactly it'll take...