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By Denshin
#207516 As per title, make Cherish Ball inheritable through breeding.

So far Pixelmon has been faithful to the main series games in that regard, making Cherish Balls and Master Balls non-inheritable by children. Both of those balls have a significance in the main series games. Master Ball is the "ultimate Pokeball", serving both as a lore and a unique item. Cherish ball is tied to Nintendo's distributions and events.
However, only Master Ball carries that significance in Pixelmon.
In the context of this mod, Cherish Ball is just a ball that can only be obtained through Pokeloot, (just like Master Ball), but has no other use. In that sense, it's more similar to the GS ball. Staying 100% faithful to the games is not on the table at the moment either, seeing how GS Ball was included, so that change wouldn't affect the mod in that regard.

TL;DR: Pixelmon has no reason to consider Cherish Ball special; We've already deviated from the main series games enough for such a change to be supported; Cherish looks too good to not be used more.