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By Geodude671
#207534 Right now, a lot of the blocks introduced by the Pixelmon mod are in the form of only a full block. Adding more variety of shapes would benefit builders and map makers a great deal by allowing them to build with more detail. Potential additions could include:

* Slab/stair versions of PokeGrass, PokeDirt, PokeSand, Shingles, Wooden Flooring, Rock, Cave Rock, and potentially Bridge Block and Sandy Grass.
* Wall versions of Temple Block, Temple Brick, Wooden Flooring, Rock, and Cave Rock; in the same vein as Cobblestone/Moss Stone walls and the various types of stone walls introduced in Minecraft 1.14.
* Glass Pane versions of the Window blocks.
* A half-and-half version of the Inside & Outside Wall, with the Outside Wall texture on one half and the Inside Wall texture on the other half. Also, a Cobblestone Wall-sized version of both varieties of wall plus the half-and-half wall; these could be called "Thin Walls" to avoid the silliness that would be "Inside Wall Wall".
* Flatter versions of the Poke Mart and PokeCenter signs, about the same size as a regular Minecraft sign.
* A block with the texture of Minecraft stone and the color palette of Temple Block/Brick; maybe this could be called "Temple Stone"?