Hovering During Flight

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By Durkmenistan
#207886 Could you please add the possibility of hovering midflight?
It would be extremely helpful for building and destroying blocks while midair. The latter is incredibly difficult right now, because you have to press the jump/ascend button repeatedly at exactly the right time and intervals, and it really sucks for destroying many blocks in a row.

This could be implemented either as a toggle that keeps you at your current elevation, or as a button that must be held as long as you want to stay at that elevation. Either would work, and both could be overridden by pressing the jump/ascend or descend buttons. A toggle would have the added benefit of preventing those times when your flying mount just randomly decides to stop responding and drops you to your death, as well.

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By SKy2008
#207894 We are currently in the middle of implementing a new flying system that comes with a hover mode. Currently all Gen1 flyers are using it and it's planned to be expanded to the rest over the next updates. You can find details about it here: https://pixelmonmod.com/wiki/Controls#n ... g_behavior
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