#208516 Hi, I'm very new here but... I *really* love Pixelmon, you guys have made the greatest rendition of pokemon ever in my mind. I play on Pixelmon Reforged, and, well, I'm a special texture hunter. I play inside of the Public Server Pokecentral, and my favorite pokemon of all time is Magearna. I was in love with her old shiny as well, the black dressed one? Ever since the Galar update, however, I've lost her in exchange for her new gray shiny.. and it really makes me sad. My request is, as a special texture hunter, please add in all the other forms of Magearna as special textures!!! I promise I would hunt them and love them forever. Honestly, I miss my black dressed Mage already, and a pink + red dressed Magearna sounds absolutely gorgeous. I know this is a lot to ask, but from someone who adores special textures and Magearna... Please consider it. I'll never ask for anything again of this mod, as it is perfect other than this one thing. Thank you.