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Pokemon attacking the Player

PostPosted: 19 Aug 2021 01:10
by ItsaGlitch1
Pokemon Legends Arceus just gave us a lot of new information, one of the features of the game is how pokemon react to they player. They can attack you, ignore you, or just start running away.

What I want to suggest is the mechanic where pokemon can attack the player and not only the pokemon, which could add a new level of challenge to the Pixelmon game as you would have to survive pokemon attacks, or have pokemon get scared and start running away.
Obviously, for the pokemon attacking the player, the player should be invulnerable while engaged in a pokemon battle with a different pokemon.

Here are some screenshots of what I mean from the trailers


Re: Pokemon attacking the Player

PostPosted: 19 Aug 2021 07:34
by SKy2008
We have avoided it for now because none of the main line games has Pokémon posing a direct danger to the Player. While Legends:Arceus seems to be pretty close to main game mechanics for the most part, it seems to still be a spinoff in the vein on Let's GO.

If it was done, it would have to be an opt-in setting, similar to vanilla mobs. We're mostly going for the "children can go out and explore the world without worry", so it likely won't become the default setting.

Re: Pokemon attacking the Player

PostPosted: 19 Aug 2021 18:18
by ItsaGlitch1
I'm totally fine with an opt-in setting for this feature and having it set to disabled as default. Some people do like it without worry, but there are also some people who might want that level of difficulty.

Another thing with it, as specified in the post, there could be an opt-out setting for the player to be invulnerable to damage while in a pokemon battle, which could be set to disabled in the config.

Re: Pokemon attacking the Player

PostPosted: 02 Sep 2021 12:42
by proclarushtaonasat
seconded! giving the players more options for fun is always a good idea. and of course the player should be invincible, while in battle, or while a pokemon is out, as it would make sense for your mon to jump in front of you to protect you.

Theres also the possibility of having pokemon, that try to attack you mid battle, just join the battle already in progress, as the main series games have added wild pokemon calling for help. I also wouldnt mind an option for players to jump into fights to help other players

pixelmon is still missing tripple battles and horde encounters, and double battles are barely used, outside of pvp and rustles

Re: Pokemon attacking the Player

PostPosted: 07 Sep 2021 14:06
by AydenAc
Considering some Pokemon are already aggressive right now, in the way they force you into battle, I think this could be a great default change done on a lower scale. Maybe locking it to legendaries as a way of making them less "Lock in a cage and have a crowd huddle around them"

Pokemon attacking the Player

PostPosted: 20 Sep 2021 22:12
by CrownlessOcto
I like idea for legends, makes it harder to get them. (maybe zacian 1hit ko :D)