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By AydenAc
#209145 Field moves are an extremely interesting, and diverse pool of ideas, that can be used to tie the progression of your Pokemon and your general progression of Minecraft to eachother in a much more natural way. The issue with these right now is that the vast majority of the current ones are completely unusable in multiplayer servers, with the few enabled being underused do to better methods.

Two general changes are needed at the very least. The first is checking if the Pokemon's owner is capable of breaking a block before doing it, which immediately fixes the vast majority of moves for claim servers. The second is allowing server owners to disable them individually in the config, giving them the choice for how they want to balance their economy.

The main goal of these reworked moves is to tie them into the passive progression of Minecraft as an introduction, with advanced mechanics for the more obscure moves found later in the game. Another feature I'd like to add on to them is a "Level 100 Boost", a mechanic of the move exclusive to Pokemon at that level.

The first set of moves I want to speak about are meant as an introduction to the mechanic for new players, and an early game boost of progression depending on the starter chose. I'll be doing this in the form of "Fuel", "Hydrate", and "Stun".

• Fuel is the most recognizable of the three, functioning as a reimagined version of Smelt. With a 5 second cooldown, the player can activate Fuel on a furnace to smelt between 30 to 300 seconds (3 items - 30 items) depending on the special attack stat. At level 100, activating the move will cause half of the items in the furnace to be instantly smelted. Since fire type Pokemon usually have less wild Pokemon they're effective against, this move functions as a quicker way of progression into regular Minecraft, giving players an advantage in the way they're able to efficiently use their resources when mining, while keeping the value of regular fuel between mid- to late levels.

• Hydrate applies a bone meal effect on the block targeted, with a cooldown ranging from 1 to 20 seconds. At level 100 this raises plants to their final stage of growth. With water types being easily able to farm early game levels in the midst of desert Pokemon with x4 weaknesses, this instead acts as a way of early game progression towards plants such as food, or apricorns, allowing players to reach a point good pokeball production quicker.

• Stun causes the targeted Pokemon to become unable to move for 1 minute, with a 30 second cooldown. At level 100 Pokemon affected are unable to despawn for this time. With grass being a much more defensive typing, along with learning status moves such as powders and leech seed early, this move acts instead as a small early game benefit to players who want to set up before a battle, with the real value coming for late game players to do things such as teleport for items, healing, or swapping Pokemon before an important battle.

The next set of moves I want to talk about are focused around resource gathering, which gives players who feel a need to focus on the regular aspect of Minecraft a choice in how they want to progress. I'll be doing this using Cut, Rock Smash, and Dig.

• Cut once again is the most reminiscent of its previous self, being almost the exact same, with the change being that it needs to function through leaves to make it compatible with more 'artistic' trees like the large oak and jungle. At level 100 this move is capable of removing leaves entirely.

• Rock Smash keeps it function against stone and cobblestone as to accurately fit the games, with its new purpose coming in the form of Ores, making it now have a cooldown between 0 to 10 seconds, and applying Fortune 0 to 3 depending based on the Attack stat. This helps it to compete with the regular Minecraft enchantment, while making the same level of consistency much harder to achieve. At level 100, this move is capable of smelting ores.

• Dig is the most wildly changed so far, instead acting as a charge up skill, with the time holding the button effecting how much is broken, and acting as a pseudo cooldown. 3x3 2 seconds, 5x5 3 seconds, 7x7 4 seconds. Though this does extremely well during early game, the only easy way to obtain it is by catching a Hippopotas at level 16+, with your next best option being a Trapinch at 24+. Late game it functions slightly worse than Thunder Stone armor. At level 100, this move applies the Silk Touch effect.

The final set of moves I want to discuss are focused on movement, with the goal being a ground and flying travel boost, and a quick way to transport between marked location. For this I'll be using Freeze, Mount Boost, and Teleport.

• Freeze acts as a weak early to mid game competition for travel against things such as boats, frost walker, and depth strider, by providing a toggle-able version of Frost Walker onto a ridden Pokemon either of the ice type or having an ice type move.

• Mount Boost takes the general concept of boosting movement to a much greater level, increasing the movement speed of the Pokemon to 150% for 10 seconds, with a cooldown of 30 seconds. At level 100 this move provides a dash that jumps 15 blocks forward.

• Teleport sets a location for a player to be able to return to at any time, with the distance it's able to be used at determined by the special attack, and cooldown of 1m-5m determined by distance. At level 100 this move has infinite distance, but keeps its cooldown with a maximum of 5m. This move is the most important of the group, allowing players and owners an impactful alternative to the set home plugin that's become almost required for the mod, and giving singleplayers a great alternative.

While there are many other funny, gimmicky, or useful field moves that could use a revamp, these are the 9 revamps that can easily change field moves to have an actual fun and interesting impact on the game, along with bringing balance between the two playstyles more in line with each other.

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By AydenAc
Paulihamahm wrote:I really support the idea of having early game field skills. I struggled alot as a beginner in Pixelmon and these would have really helped me out alot! :-)

Yeah! I really think these would be great for making people who only know one aspect of the game to incorporate it to others, thanks for the feedback :D