By GoodIdeaVibes101
#209283 I thought that if its not to much to deal with, is to make some pokemon have skin textures from SAO like Gallade being a Kirito and Gardevoir being a Asuna while Yui the A.I of there game being meloetta. those are some examples If you watch Sao on netflix of tv I'm sure you'll know that this is from season 2 of Sao I thought it was a good idea because Yui is a navigation sprite in there second season so having meloetta = Yui texture makes some Sense, and gallade being Kirito well because of Dual wielding, If you have a better idea for Asuna then be my guest but gardevoir was because of here being a magic knight or at least close to one maybe a custom move for each which has a 0.05% chance of meloetta with pyro ball as an example. oh and to get them otherwise is on either shows birthdays.
and if you have ideas for unique moves for the other two go ahead and do it.