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By SwitzerLad
#209372 Having an alter Pokemon is cool and all but a few of the Pokémon that have alter forms can even Mega Evolve and Dyna- and/or Gigantamax.

But as soon as they go under that transformation they loose that special texture.
So it would be awesome for Alter Form Pokémon to have their own Mega Evolution texture as well.

I hope this wasn't already a suggested feat.

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By SKy2008
#209378 This was already attempted to implement previously actually. Due to how the forms system works currently, it led to some issues though, including a chance to lose the special texture when reverting back from their temporary form.

For now I haven't heard of a plan to attempt it again in the foreseeable future, but I'm sure it's on the list - just not a high priority since it's purely cosmetic.