By renangel25572
#209459 So I was thinking that maybe you guys could add things like Pokémon amie where you can pet Pokémon, play with them etc and it makes them do better in battle? Also have smol Pokémon ride your shoulder. Plz make this update soon I love this mod

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By SKy2008
#209465 The issue with interaction is that a lot of that is done via tons of animations. Simply adding a single action like reacting happily would require almost 1000 new animations to be made. Plus most models/rigs don't support anything like facial expressions which would mean we'd have to either ignore those or rework just as many models.

Modeling/animation has been a major bottleneck in both file size and available modellers. Without the visual component we have added the few major affection-based mechanics (like Sylveon's evo) to friendship instead, since that is pretty much another implementation of the same concept.