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By Frogfish12
#209616 Hiroku Lenses currently seem to have little to no use outside of checking IVs in Singleplayer, but they aren't obtainable in a way that makes them useful at all Singleplayer or even Multiplayer. As such the Lenses are completely outclassed by the External move Analyze which can be done every 2 minutes, infinite use, and much easier to obtain. I think it would be better to buff the lenses instead of leaving them in obscurity.

- Buff them to have Infinite use, but used on a cooldown, with Gold having a longer cooldown than Silver.

- Buff them to have more use, but do not disappear when empty, instead they revert into a 'broken' state similar to an Elytra, and can be repaired in the same way with an item. Maybe Silver has 10 Charges and Gold has 20.

- Create a new tier, such as Hiroku's Platinum Lens, leaving the two we already have how they are. This Lens would function like one of the two suggestions above. This way it would not mess with Servers that use the existing lenses and alter their balance in those economies.

I also think that Lenses/Analyze should be able to identify MARKS on wild pokemon, with how rare they are it would be great to know if a pokemon has a mark before you decide if you want to catch it, such as if you're trying to get a Marked Beldum.

I also Think Lenses/Analyze should be usable on your own pokemon, this would be even more useful in singleplayer without sidemods such as /iv /ev in order to check how good your pokemon is. Only way to know currently would be noting down the stats of pokemon you use that you caught wild. If you breed you would have no way of checking. With this in mind it would also make sense to be able to check the EVs of your pokemon as well.

Lastly, I think that they should be in some more drop tables, currently they appear to only be obtainable via legendary boss which itself is pretty Rare. Appearing in Tier 3 Pokeloots would also be a nice upgrade. Currently they're super rare and super niche use, would be nice if they were more common so people know what they are, and deem them worth the time to 'hunt' for.