By Vis
#209702 So, I think the biggest thing really lacking in this mod is battle animations. We have all these really great looking models for all the Pokemon, but all of the particle effects for moves look like crap. DX I don't know who is doing these effects or how they are doing them, or why it seems like it takes a very, very long time for new effects to be added, but they are really sad to look at, and they are nowhere near on par when you look at the Pokemon models. So I would like to strongly suggest overhauling all the battle animations and using a program called 'Effekseer' to make the new battle animation effects. Making particle effects in this program is very fast and easy. I'm sure it can be used for Minecraft because I have seen some screen shots and video clips of an effect and someone talking about using it in Minecraft. I don't know for sure what settings or format would be needed to make it work, but I'm sure it can be done. I also don't know how well Minecraft will be able to handle the effects and just how many particles each animation can have before it gets too laggy, so I'm sure some testing will be needed.
Now, to show off the power of Effekseer, I have made a few sample animations my self. Most of the animations use textures that are 256x256, but we could lower it to 128x128 or 64x64 if we need to, again not sure how well Minecraft can handle these effects.
ImageFlamethrower could look somewhat like this.
ImageRazor Leaf, that was a fun one to make.
ImageOkay, so Explosion/Self-Destruct might be a little too high in the particle count for Minecraft too handle. According to the counter in Effekseer it's over 16,000 particles at once being rendered in that animation. XD But you get an idea of what can be done with this program.
I look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts and suggestions on this idea as well as feedback. And if you would like to see me make more sample animations let me know what Move you want to see and I might do it if others want to see that same Move. :)