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By Tahlavos17
#209956 Hello,

I'm back once again for a request for a side mod support for Pixelmon, but this has to deal with the Thermal series of Mods for those of us who wish to use the Phytogenic Insolator to grow berries, and Appricorns for fast secure ways of growing those items for if someone where to set up a base in either the fire pits known as the Nether or the cold void known as the End. I see this as a side mod instead of it being directly included within the main mod so nobody is required to go out of their way to download all of the Thermal Series of mods just to play Pixelmon.

This idea for a side mod could be called PixelTech (That is besides the point), and could include my other ideas like RF Power for certain machines like the Infuser and the Mechanical Anvil as an option for those of us short on fuel, and the AE2 Wireless Terminal / RS Wireless Grid / or the Universal Remote if being in the players inventory to act as an extension to the bag to free up space in the players inventory, and maybe even new stuff added to the point like a Rotom Phone that acts as a remote PC that allows users to swap pokemon on the go as an option instead of giving players the access to the Pixel Extras Commands on servers.

I hope that those who sees this topic can see where I'm coming from, and can provide a rebut to my idea if there is one.