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By Chimericat
#210312 In addition to (or instead of) Hiroku's lenses, I would like to see a variety of lenses or other items that show specific information. Depending on the value of the information they provide, they could be craftable, boss drops at different tiers, PokéChest loot, or buyable, allowing you to control the difficulty of each and lock them behind any event or requirement you want.

Eevee Lens: Displays EVs
Ivy Lens: Displays IVs
Dexter Lens: PokéDex lore

...and so on for types, strengths, weaknesses, gender, ability, nature, biomes, spawn conditions, egg group, etc.

From here, they could be combined into either a specialized pair of Trainer Glasses or headgear with only two pieces of info or added to modular PokéShades and/or helmets and hats like "enchantments" so the player can customize the information they see when looking at a Pokémon.

Combo ideas:
Gender + Egg Group = Pokémon Breeder's Glasses
Lore + Type = Professor's Spectacles
IV + EV = Champion's Sunglasses
Strength + Weakness = Challenger's Hat
Biome + Spawn Conditions = Safari Binoculars
HP + Status Effects = Nurse's Cap