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By OshawottSam
#211063 There's a pokecenter that spawns randomly in the snowy biomes so I made one in Deserts. Mainly cause I want more Colosseum representation in Pixelmon.

In the provided screenshot I hid a healer underground so the doctor could heal the mons but hopefully with some trickery this specific guy might not need a healer, And in the corner is a pokeball salesman, It should be noted in the original games both jobs were done by the barkeep but I don't believe that's possible.

p.s if this is accepted before 1.16 please replace the cobble walls with red sandstone

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By 9Tales
#211253 The Outskirt Stand looks great! We definitely need more random Pixelmon Desert structures since Deserts don't really get any new structures from the mod. Not to mention, we don't really have any structures with shopkeepers except PokeMarts and I am always looking for shopkeepers in my Pixelmon worlds that sell Poke Balls, so thumbs up.

I'd love to come across this in a future version of Pixelmon. :-D
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By 9Tales
#211340 In addition, I would like to add that since Pixelmon is apparently considering more side game material now that PLA content is being added, this is the best time to start looking into Colosseum content.

Plus, we need structures outside of villages that spawn with NPCs. The only NPCs we get outside of villages are the Traders, Move Tutors, Move Relearners, Old Fisherman, wandering Shopkeepers, and Trainers that spawn randomly and eventually despawn. There aren't any randomly generated structures that I know of that contain NPCs with the structure. Even randomly spawned Pokemon Centers do not contain Nurse Joys or Doctors.

And in Pokemon Colloseum, the Outskirt Stand was pretty much in the middle of nowhere in a desert, so it makes sense for it to be randomly generated in Deserts with NPCs inside.