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By MrYeet123
#211108 Kinda sucks to sacrifice a good chunk of inventory space for pokeballs when it could be used for anything else. But of course, when you do use it for anything else, something incredibly rare spawns and you dont have anything to catch it with.

So how about a Pokeball sack to store balls in? Or maybe have it so pokeballs are drawn out of shulker boxes in your inventory when in battle?

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By Tahlavos17
#211169 I know this topic has been brought up before and it is a very touchy subject. I know with my ideas in the past it has gotten a ton of viewings, and with little to no response. The main problem with this is making it to make sure the shulker boxes can be accessed, but you got to realize that many players use Iron Chest mod or some other storage mod for inventory management. I doubt that adding it to where you can use shulker boxes as pokeball storage will be allowed. If it does how ever get added then I would be shocked.

As for the pouch it would be nice but would need a huge amount of storage which might take time for it to be implemented correctly.