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By 9Tales
#211313 I think there should be a new death message for players who die while having the Nausea effect in Pixelmon. Since "it hurt itself in its confusion" is a popular meme and joke in the Pokemon community, I think that a "<Player> hurt themself in their confusion!" death message for certain deaths while having Nausea would be a cute and fun addition to the mod.

Nausea is the closest Minecraft status effect to confusion, so it should be the status effect that causes this death message to appear. Even Pixelmon seems to consider Nausea to be the equivalent to confusion, since Berries that heal HP but confuse Pokemon of certain Natures will occasionally give the Nausea effect if a player eats them.

While the death message may be coded to appear for any deaths with Nausea, perhaps the death message should only be displayed if the player experiences a self-inflicted death while having the Nausea effect. If the player is killed by a mob or something not self-inflicted, perhaps then the message should not appear. Of course, if the developers choose, they can make any death while the player has the Nausea effect display this message. It would be less complicated and much easier. :-)

The death messages that I think perhaps should be replaced when the player has Nausea are:
  • <player> was pricked to death
  • <player> experienced kinetic energy
  • <player> blew up
  • <player> was killed by [Intentional Game Design]
  • <player> hit the ground too hard
  • <player> fell from a high place
  • <player> fell off a ladder
  • <player> fell off some vines
  • <player> fell off some weeping vines
  • <player> fell off some twisting vines
  • <player> fell off scaffolding
  • <player> fell while climbing
  • death.fell.accident.water
  • <player> was impaled on a stalagmite
  • <player> went up in flames
  • <player> tried to swim in lava
  • <player> discovered the floor was lava
  • <player> was poked to death by a sweet berry bush
  • <player> fell out of the world

In addition, I thought these death messages might be replaced if the player has literally done it to themself while having the Nausea effect (the two names match):
  • <player> was shot by <player/mob>
  • <player> was shot by <player/mob> using <item>
  • <player> was killed by <player/mob> using magic
  • <player> was killed by <player/mob> using <item>
  • <player> was impaled by <player/mob>
  • <player> was impaled by <player/mob> with <item>

Since Minecraft death messages are sometimes supposed to be funny, I think this new death message would be very appropriate.