By Ikaro72
#211324 Basically, just as the title implies; making the noble pokemon able to have a size beyond Ginormous that reflects their in game size of being monstrously big. This suggestion is mostly for the Noble Avalugg, as their size is nearly 20x bigger than regular.

The process to acquire these would be up to your digression, my suggestion would be that Arceus get an external move that grants this size to them.

Another thing for if this gets accepted, make the glistening golden form of the nobles be a texture style :)

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By 9Tales
#211326 While Gamefreak hasn't said anything about it, I get the feeling that Noble Pokemon may have been partially inspired by Pixelmon's bosses (bigger than normal, can't be caught, turned into a particular color). Therefore, this is technically already in the game, since bosses can get larger than Ginormous Pokemon.

However, I myself had thought about Arceus getting a similar exclusive ability using external moves. My take on the idea however was that when Arceus uses the Lightning Bolt moveskill, all the wild Pokemon within a 10 block radius should be turned into aggressive "Frenzied" bosses, with yellow tints and large models.
By Ikaro72
#211636 That's totally fair, I just wanted a mountain sized Avalugg to ride around on if I'm being honest.
Making it accessible to players would be neat as well but again up to y'all; maybe only letting the actual noble pokemon be the catcheable ones.

And that Idea seems great! Arceus grinding strats >:)