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By 9Tales
#211348 Meltan eats metal, so wouldn't some Iron Nuggets be a nice, tasty snack for our cute, adorable metal-eater? Iron Nuggets are probably a metalivore's equivalent of chicken nuggets. Tragically, Pixelmon does not give Meltan any actual opportunity to eat metal (it may be obtained and evolved from furnace interactions, but it doesn't get to eat any of the smelted goods), even though herbivorous, carnivorous, and omnivorous Pokemon all can be given food that at least contain things they actually eat. Poor little Meltan must be starved!

Here are the possible effects from Meltan eating an Iron Nugget:
  1. Meltan restores 10 or 20 HP.
  2. Meltan's happiness increases by 1.
  3. Meltan gains 100 EXP.
  4. One of the three rewards is randomly selected each time.
  5. All of the three rewards are given at once.

Personally, I feel that I would prefer a little HP to be restored, since there isn't much point in raising the happiness of a Pokemon who doesn't evolve by friendship and can't learn Return. A happiness boost on top of that wouldn't hurt, though.

Don't let the metal-eater go hungry.