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By Domicon
#211747 I think not many Players know about the Feature that u can see other Players Pokemon by looking at them and pressing "U" the Trainer-Card button.

That allowes to see what pokemon they are using in the Moment.

It would be really nice if you can toggle it on and off to show other Players Trainer-Card
via the Config file or that u can Toggle it on and off ingame. Like a little switch if you want to show other Players your Trainer-Card.

Cause many Players dont know about it and if you are able to abuse it in Tournaments like picking counters against their Team.

Im playing right now on a small Server with some Friends and its a huge "mess" right now cause we dont want the others to know which Pokemon we are going to use at our next small Tournament.

Or maybe there it already a Option to turn it off that i didnt Found ^^