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By dhi2awesome
#211830 With 9.0.4's addition of the Griseous Core, Adamant Crystal, and Lustrous Globe, we now have two items which can be used for summoning Giratina, Dialga, and Palkia, theoretically. Not how it currently works, but I think it would be cool.

Specifically, a way to make it feel different while allowing for it would be to have it summon in the different forms. Using the Orbs summon their regular forms, as it currently does, and using the unrefined/PLA items summons them in their Origin forms, creating altered fights, or perhaps using the core/crystal/globe could function more as a boss, rather than a catch encounter.

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By SKyTheThunder
#211832 Hm, I like the idea of summoning a Boss version in their origin form. That Boss would then have a good chance (~50%?) to drop the respective Orb to summon a catchable version. It's not too cheap either because you'd still need a Red Chain for the Boss summon.