By RyoStonewell
#212044 Yo. Blaize here. (Sorry. Force of habbit from makin' hobby minecraft vids. Don' worry. After the first one I posted, I remembered about permissions thing, so I ain' posted more after that.)

Anyway, I ain' got a clue what'd be easier. Addin' a mute trigger for background music when a battle happens or I visit a pokemon center, or askin' whoever made the infinite music mod to add some tweaks to cope with pixelmon, but if it is the first one, could you please work on a mute trigger for those things? See, when I use the infinite music mod, the background music plays, even durin' those times, but I need that mod because the mystery dungeon music replacer resource, no song from any mystery dungeon game is anywher near long enough for just one playthrough. There's way too much silence in between songs.

One other thing. Don't get me wrong, I like the OST thing in the atlauncher pack, but ever since minecraft storymode, any vanilla minecraft background music just makes me cry without fail. Seriously, it turns me into a bawlin' baby.

PS. Sorry if this is the wrong place. I'm not really sure where it should go.