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By Towerofgod
#212148 Similarly to how the Golden lens and Silver lens works on wild Pokémon.

I feel like it should also work on your own Pokémon for easier access to ivs and evs without server sided things and or op, maybe it could show the stats in chat like the /iv and /ev command and or show the stats on the Pokémon similarly to how it normally works but it will expire after around 5 - 30 minutes.

It would be a useful feature for people who do not have access to such command nor do know jow to calculate a Pokémon's ivs or evs.

It could maybe work by shift right clicking on your own Pokémon.

Thanks for reading my suggestion

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By 9Tales
#212193 I agree. I also feel the need to check the IVs of my own Pokemon rather than wild Pokemon. So I think the golden lens, silver lens, and Analyze moveskill should work on player Pokemon. It is honestly more useful than checking wild Pokemon, especially since there are no NPCs in Pixelmon that tell you if you have perfect IVs. Breeders will probably appreciate this feature if they are breeding for perfect IVs.