By IntoTheIndie
#212149 An idea I have is to have something craftable with the idea of repelling nearby wildlife, making Pokemon unable to spawn in the area. For me, I think sources of light or, ironically, the blocks like Poke Grass, unless if there's foliage on them, which would make them spawn more. Another idea is the ability to place down Repels that would dispense, giving a Repel effect when it's nearby, but for a period of time before it needs to refill

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By 9Tales
#212192 I think I would like to see it in the form of two blocks. The first is something craftable that can be placed in players' bases to prevent spawns and the second is something invisible that is meant for Creative mode builders to use to prevent spawns in their builds. It is like how Survival-mode players light things up primarily with torches while builders in Creative have access to light blocks as of Minecraft 1.17 to create invisible lighting. Two different blocks with the same purpose. Though I understand if only the craftable version gets added.

Either way, they would prevent spawns within a certain radius of the blocks. Probably a large radius like 3 chunks.

I've also wanted this feature for a while as I have had lots of Honedge spawn in my Nether builds and several underground spawns in my Overworld houses.
By LykunGG
#212280 A block that prevents spawns in a certain radius would be nice. Maybe make it so pokemon won't pathfind into the radius from the outside either? though i dont want AI of pokemon to cause lag so idk if that's reasonable.