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By LavenderCove
#212150 I've seen a lot of complex suggestions for combeekeeping but why not just have a block similar to the old Ranch Block?

Where you can insert Combees or Vespiqueen, or really just any bee, watch em fly around, (or not at all if we want to mimic the new Daycare System), and after some time, honey pops out in an output slot?

Currently honey's pretty hard to come by in the game, I've only seen them drop by bears sometimes, and the bees only every drop honeycombs that can't be crafted into bottles of honey, but candles instead. I think this would be a cute and simple way to solve Pixelmon's honey drought.

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By SKyTheThunder
#212166 Could add a Move Skill for all Bee Pokémon that increases the "honey_level" block state of a targeted Bee Nest/Beehive by a number of stages. This number (+1-5) could depend on level, evo stage or other factors.
Once the "honey_level" reaches 5, they can be harvested for either Honeycombs or Honey Bottles, as usual.