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By 9Tales
#212190 I think smoke bombs similar to those in Pokemon: Legends of Arceus should be incorporated. My idea for implementation is that when you throw a smoke bomb, everything in a 32-block wide square or 16-block radius gets covered in a white cloud. Aggressive Pokemon and timid Pokemon would both ignore the player if they are in the smoke cloud, making it easier to avoid aggressive Pokemon and throw Poke Balls at timid Pokemon.

There are a few other ideas that could work for smoke bombs in addition to that. Perhaps players (but only players, not Pokemon) gain the Invisibility effect while in a smoke cloud so that smoke bombs can be used in combat against other players. Perhaps throwing Ancient Heavy Balls, Leadon Balls, or Gigaton Balls from a smoke cloud would result in a higher catch rate. Perhaps smoke bombs can be shot from dispensers, though I don't know how far they will go. Perhaps smoke bombs also affect Trainers that engage players in their sight, so players can use the smoke bombs to bypass the aggresssive Trainers. It's up in the air.