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By 9Tales
#212563 Currently, the starter sets that might dance on top of the load screen are the Kanto starters with Pikachu and Eevee, the Jonto starters, the Hoenn starters, the Sinnoh starters, the Unova starters, the Kalos starters, the Alola starters, the Galar starters, the Pokemon Let's Go starters, the Hisui starters, and the Paldea starters. All of them except for the Pokemon Let's Go starters would evolve into a middle stage and then a final stage during a player's adventure, so I feel the middle and final stages should be possible options for all except the Let's Go starters unless you want Raichu, Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon to be a set.

These are the proposed added sets:
  • Ivysaur, Wartortle, and Charmeleon (don't need Pikachu and Eevee)
  • Venusaur, Blastoise, and Charizard (don't need Pikachu and Eevee)
  • Bayleaf, Croconaw, and Quilava
  • Meganium, Feraligatr, and Typhlosion
  • Grovyle, Marshtomp, and Combusken
  • Sceptile, Swampert, and Blaziken
  • Grotle, Prinplup, and Monferno
  • Torterra, Empoleon, and Infernape
  • Servine, Dewott, and Pignite
  • Serperior, Samurott, and Emboar
  • Quilladin, Frogadier, and Braixen
  • Chesnaught, Greninja, and Delphox
  • Dartrix, Brionne, and Torracat
  • Decidueye, Primarina, and Incineroar
  • Thwackey, Drizzile, and Raboot
  • Rillaboom, Inteleon, and Cinderace
  • Dartrix, Dewott, and Quilava
  • Hisuian Decidueye, Hisuian Samurott, and Hisuian Typhlosion
  • Floragato, Quaxwell, and Crocalor
  • Meowscarada, Quaquaval, and Skeledirge

In addition, you could possibly include Megas and G-Max forms:
  • Mega Venusaur, Mega Blastoise, Mega Charizard X, Mega Charizard Y
  • Mega Sceptile, Mega Swampert, Mega Blaziken
  • G-Max Venusaur, G-Max Blastoise, G-Max Charizard
  • G-Max Pikachu and G-Max Eevee
  • G-Max Rillaboom, G-Max Inteleon, G-Max Cinderace