By RawwrRob
#212599 Some suggestions for temple blocks:

- Change color or Add Alternate Colors -

Current temple blocks are very close in color and texture to sandstone blocks, which is great if you're building a temple in the desert, but not so much if you're building in any other biome. I'd love to see a darker pallet (like a grayish-brown) that better blends in with non-desert biomes. I'm currently trying to build the Johto Ruins of Alph in a non-desert biome and current temple blocks completely clash with nearly every terrain block. I would be a very happy builder if this was implemented!

- Cracked and Mossy Variants -

Ruins are supposed to be ruined! Cracked and mossy variants would make temple blocks look even more ancient and ruined.

-Pillar Variant-

Add a carved pillar block variant that has some sort of decorative carving on it, similar to carved sandstone textures.

-Unown Block Color-

Change the Unown blocks' color pallet to match temple blocks so it blends in better. If you add darker temple block variants, add darker Unown block variants to match. Unown blocks currently don't really mesh with any other block textures very well.

By k54790
#212603 Love the idea, I would add that it should have walls variance (The walls that work like fences) for the temple blocks too. Since every stone and brick-type block in the vanilla game have a wall variance. Also wouldn't mind having chiseled temple bricks too!
By Alyysia
#212669 I would love if the old colour of ruin blocks, the one that was in 1.12, was added back in. Our server uses these blocks in its builds and the new colour is going to completely clash with whatever we built. It would be great if we could have both colours of ruin blocks.
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By Xaphanx
#212670 I agree with the posts above. The new colours are nice, but the older ones were much more versatile and mixed better with jungle or forest-like builds, the new ones primarily work for desert-themed ruins, which is kind of sad.

I'd love to see both types be added, and some walls for all of the variants would be godsend!
By Fogno
#212671 Yes please ^ The yellow is nice but it's just another sandstone color. Sandstone already exists, and there are a lot of mods with similar color bricks. The old Temple Blocks were a really unique color that was neutral and versatile, while the new yellow looks out of place in anything but a desert.
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By Joshowatt
#212674 I do like the new blocks, but I was in the middle of a build with the old ones and I kinda preferred them to these ones for what I'm doing... :cry: I wish there was a way we could have both, because I think both work depending on the situation, and especially since the OG blocks have been around for so long.
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By krcm123
#212677 having both variations of temple blocks would be really awesome, the old style and new style can be used in really cool ways so id love to have both to use! <3 :-)
By GamersBrew
#212703 Yeah miss the old color of blocks as nothing else in the Mod Pack come close to that coloring and was very nice for a lot a older temple builds.
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By SKyTheThunder
#212705 If we had 1.19's Mud Bricks already, we could piggyback off of those...
I also miss the old colors. They were a nice shade that could contrast well with stone gray and sandstone yellow without being too jarringly different to either of them. Gonna have to see how we can justify them (or something similar) returning.
By RawwrRob
#215764 You could just add them as a new variant with a different crafting recipe. Maybe stone bricks + andesite instead of stone bricks + sandstone?