By SleepyTheSlimeKing
#212803 Village chests are simply way to busted in the newest version of pixelmon, the amount of loot you can receive completely negates the need to ever make a single pokeball, which honestly was always a fun part of the game, and now you never need to.

If i spawn inside a village that has market stalls, i can start the game with dozens or more of each type pokeball, revives, hyper potions, etc. within the first 10 minutes of the playthrough and I didn't have to lift a single finger. That honestly feels like cheating and can suck the fun right out of the game. (It's like playing normal minecraft, but the game gives you a stack of diamonds, iron, gold right off the bat,)

I can agree it might save the player time, as all of that to get, doesnt take relatively long, so if you are a player who has done all that before i can see the want to skip it and get right to pokeballs, but for newer players or players who enjoy the grind like myself, it makes the game less fun, (this becomes an even greater problem on multiplayer servers)

My suggestion is reduce the amount of loot that villages contain, or add an option in the config to adjust the amount,
The amount of loot that i feel would be better is make the rare stuff like (hyper potions / ultra balls / greatballs / etc appear like at most one in a chest if any, and stuff that is common like (potions / heals / regular pokeballs/ etc) be the more common option, (the amount of them in the game right now is still way to high though in my opinion.)

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By Lucullus
#212805 Agreed!
The food in those chests is great, cause that can be a hassle without vanilla mobs. Just limit the balls to pokeballs, great balls and ultra balls.
Additionally, some of the relics are way overprized. If you sell those in the shops you can just buy all the pokeballs you ever need.