By GamersBrew
#212807 I suggest moving the lang file from Assets folder to Data Folder in order to add additional customization to Pixelmon for server owners. This would allow other languages to create there own lang files to add or change as well as give access to mod/ plugin devs to add additional options through server side config to add changes to GUI menus. (example secondary currency mod for NPC Shop GUI being able to change the currency from Money to Battle Points. Image

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By SKyTheThunder
#212808 Minecraft itself sorts the lang under assets, so we'd be going against existing conventions with that. It would also break the separation of server-side files (Data Pack) and client-side files (Resource Pack) since the lang gets applied on the client, following their language setting. That might even require an entirely new mechanic to communicate lang to the client, increasing network traffic in the process...

Servers can set default Resource Packs though, which are loaded by anyone joining. That is an existing feature that does exactly what you're suggesting without breaking conventions.