By Zaeze
#212849 In Pokemon Black/White 2, the Pokedex had a unique feature that let you display all Pokemon available in any given area, as well as whether you'd seen or caught them - an extraordinarily useful feature that, for some reason, was promptly discarded and never picked back up.

In terms of Pixelmon, implementing this would most likely simply take the form of filtering your Pokedex search by biome instead of by Pokemon name. This would provide an easy and concise in-game way to check whether there was anything left to catch in a given biome, instead of looking up each Pokemon individually or having to rely on the wiki, which may have outdated or incomplete information.

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By 9Tales
#212864 Maybe have there be a button in the PokeDex screen that lets you see the list of all biomes in your modpack, as well as whether the Pokemon in question can spawn there. Have the ability to filter in that screen so you only see which biomes the Pokemon can spawn in. Or just have that button show all the biomes in your modpack where that Pokemon can spawn.