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By SKyTheThunder
#212952 One mechanic of the original Pokémon games we've been missing for a while (at least in a proper implementation) is the player "blacking out" and being transported to the nearest visited Pokécenter upon being defeated.

The Ultra Space overhaul already added something similar, teleporting players back to the Overworld when their team faints. And with 1.16.5 making it much easier to detect structures, detecting which Pokécenters have been visited should be much less of a hassle as it was for the old sidemod. On fainting, the game would pick the nearest one from this list and teleport the player there.

In addition to visited Pokécenters, I'd also add the player's current respawn point to the list - so when fainting near their home, they won't get teleported 2 biomes away because they set up outside any villages.

A command could list all visited Pokécenters (by biome + coordinates, possibly distance) and allow removing them with a click, assuming they have the right permission.

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By 9Tales
#212960 Given the level curve in Pixelmon, I think this would be a disaster in early game. It takes a while to get Poke Balls to catch other Pokemon, and wild Pokemon can spawn at Level 10 when your starter is only Level 5 and too slow to run away. Walking around with just your fainted starter is something the majority of people who played Pixelmon has experienced. If blackouts were incorporated, I'd be constantly teleported back to the Pokemon Center every 5-20 minutes pretty much until my starter is evolved and I catch more Pokemon.

Additionally, boss Pokemon love to sweep teams, so this wouldn't just be an early game annoyance. Imagine trying to complete the Drowned quest. Each time you fail to defeat Drowned Lugia (which is likely a lot of times given how hard the fight is), instead of being able to quickly heal your party with Revives and Potions and rechallenge Lugia until you win you would get teleported out of the dimension, have to find another villager who offers to teleport you to the Drowned World, defeat a bunch of Drowned Pokemon again, and then finally get to rechallenge Drowned Lugia only to get decimated again and have to repeat the whole process. Several people would rage quit.

Blackouts would particularly be annoying for people who don't live in a village or haven't set their respawn point yet, especially if the nearest village is far away from their house. Those players would spend a lot of their time trying to walk all the way back to their house (or trying to find it if they don't have JourneyMap and are playing with keepInventory off). It would particularly get in the way if they are still low level due to having been focusing on Minecraft things like mining, farming, and building their base rather than training their starter.

I'm strongly against forcing a blackout system on Pixelmon players because players are several times more likely to end up with a fainted party in this mod and it would interfere more with playing the game. However, if this were an opt-in (off by default) gamerule or feature in the config and not the default mechanic, I would be fine with it! :-)
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By SKyTheThunder
#212966 I'd rather make it an opt-out setting. In the original games you sometimes will have to back-track quite a way when you got defeated, which is part of the point of the mechanic. With players now spawning in Villages by default, that shouldn't be too punishing though. Those mitigate quite a few of the issues - a solid place to hang out for the early game, a Mart that allows buying your first balls, sellable loot to afford them, beds to set your spawn point, etc.

I agree with the Drowned Dimension part though. It should probably only apply for the Overworld; other dimensions are too specific and don't have any Centers nearby - or at all currently.
By proclarushtaonasat
#212967 a possible solution would be to use minecrafts own version of blacking out: dying.
legends of arceus introduced the ability for wild pokemon to hurt the player, and even the main series games hint at it from the start: professor oak wont let you into the tall grass without a pokemon to protect yourself with.

if wild pixelmon can damage the player, if they dont have active pokemon in their party, that would solve the problem, wouldnt it?

Its also possible to add a difficulty setting to it: the lowest difficulty would disable damage from pokemon completely, (basically what we have now)
medium difficulty causes the player to take damage, if a wild pokemon tries to initiate battle, while your party is fainted.
And hard difficulty is legends of arceus mode, where wild pokemon can damage you, even if your party isnt fainted, and you need to send out your pokemon manually, to defend yourself.
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By 9Tales
#212971 Apart from the Ultra Necrozma battle, there aren't many places in the main games where player's would expect to have their whole team faint. Not many blackouts, even for players that aren't top-tier battlers. The main games are quite careful about that. Even when you just got your starter, wild Pokemon would only be around Level 2-3, maybe 4.

Pixelmon, on the other hand, is a game where you can expect to be having your whole team faint a lot. You may even have them faint all the time, especially at lower levels. There are many places where you expect to keep having your team faint, heal up with Revives, and rechallenge. Not only that, but players have other things in this game to worry about besides training their team, and adding a blackout mechanic would punish players for that. So I think it would be a terrible idea.

What if you are in a bad biome for the starter you picked? Like picking a grass starter and ending up in a swamp, forest, or snowy tundra? Picking a Fire starter and ending up in a desert (with those Arena Trap Digletts and Trapinches)? You could be left constantly fainting when all you are trying to do is get out of this biome!

Plus, villages don't always have Poke Marts or Poke Centers. It's not even that rare to have a village missing their mart or center. You can't even reliably get money in the early game due to Trainers being higher level than you or having a lot of Pokemon. And adding a blackout mechanic would make it harder to explore far enough to get loot from structures, so you wouldn't be able to get money as easily from loot.

Plus, what if a Legendary aggros on you before you are Level 70?

Plus, most main game blackouts are avoidable. You can just not challenge the problematic Trainer or Ultra Necrozma until you are ready. Including this in Pixelmon, however, would result in a lot of unavoidable blackouts, where a Level 10 Pokemon challenges your Level 5 starter and you can't run. Or getting challenged by an aggressive Legendary if that is possible.

Only opt-in, never opt-out. And only in Survival Mode.