By DiamondDX
#213427 there are already some sketches of who will spawn in the 9th generation? I think this option would be relevant and logical.

Sprigatito - plains
Fuecoco - mesa (before that, there were no starters in the mesa yet)
Quaxly - river
Lechonk - plains
Tarountula - forest / roofed forest / cave
Nymble - roofed forest (ninja grasshopper in dark places)
Pawmi - taiga
Tandemaus - plains / taiga
Fidough - birch forest
Smoliv - savanna / plains (is the savannah biome for some reason most associated with the subject of Greece and olives?)
Squawkabilly - jungle
Nacli - extreme hills
Charcadet - desert / mesa / hell
Tadbulb - swamp
Wattrel - savanna
Maschiff - plains
Shroodle - jungle / bamboo
Bramblin - desert / mesa (arid places ideal for tumbling field)
Toedscool - swamp
Klawf - extreme hills (in the original games seen in mountainous areas)
Capsakid - mesa (hot and dry as well as mesa and herbal type was not there before)
Rellor - desert (egypt pyramids scarabea well you understand :) )
Flittle - savanna / taiga
Tinkatink - extreme hills (natural enemy of corviknight, which means they are neighbors)
Wiglett - beach
Bombirdier - swamp
Finizen - ocean
Varoom - mesa (in the original games were seen in places similar to the mesa biome)
Cyclizar - extreme hills / mesa
Orthworm - extreme hills (in the original games seen in mountainous areas)
Glimmet - extreme hills / cave
Greavard - plains / cemetery
Flamigo - savanna / jungle
Cetoddle - ice mountain / ice plains
Veluza - river / ocean
Dondozo - ocean (paired Pokémon working together must live alongside)
Tatsugiri - ocean (paired Pokémon working together must live alongside)
Annihilape - jungle / cemetery
Clodsire - swamp
Farigiraf - savanna
Dudunsparce - extreme hills / cave
Kingambit - jungle / bamboo
Frigibax - ice mountain
Gimmighoul - ?
Wo-Chien - swamp
Chien-Pao - ice plains
Ting-Lu - mesa (only his one appearance looks like mesa rocks)
Chi-Yu - ?
Koraidon - mesa
Miraidon - taiga (in the usual taiga there is not a single legend yet)

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By SKyTheThunder
#213430 WOP, the dev mainly responsible for spawning, is notorious for planning spawns out in advance. So I'm sure he already has plans for Gen9. Always nice to get input though.