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By 9Tales
#215682 In the Sinnoh games, you are able to put a Ball Capsule containing up to eight Ball Seals (Gen 4) or twenty Ball Stickers (Gen 8) onto the Poke Ball of one of your Pokemon in order to make some special effects appear whenever they are released from their Poke Ball. Ball Capsules are customized and applied to your Pokemon's Poke Balls using the PC (and also the main menu in Gen 8).

This feature seems like something that could be incorporated in Pixelmon using particle effects or altered versions of some of the attack animations. Some of the particle effect types used by certain Ball Seals, such as hearts, smoke, bubbles, and flames, already exist in Minecraft and/or Pixelmon anyway. And I'd like this to be added. The visual effects of all the Ball Stickers on the Pokemon's Ball Capsule would be shown whenever you switch in the Pokemon in battle or send the Pokemon out of its Poke Ball out of battle.

Suggested Ball Seals/Stickers | Show
I would suggest these kinds of Seals/Stickers

List of Seal types to definitely include:
  • Heart Sticker
  • Star Sticker
  • Ribbon Sticker
  • Smoke Sticker
  • Electricity Sticker
  • Bubble Sticker
  • Fire Sticker
  • Party Sticker
  • Flora Sticker
  • Song Sticker

You could also include these ones:
  • The Alphabet letter Stickers (possible crafted with Unown blocks)
  • Sinister Sticker
  • Ethereal Sticker
  • Cool Sticker
  • Burning Sticker
  • Sky Sticker
  • Stone Sticker
  • Leaf Sticker
  • Spark Sticker

Should probably also include some custom ones like orbs of light if they help people make good Ball Capsules.

Here is a video of all of the Ball Sticker effects in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. The starting point of where they are shown is exactly 2 minutes into the video:

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By SKyTheThunder
#215684 Could approach it by extending Vanilla MC's Firework Star to add different base particles the effect can use, and maybe a handful more spread patterns. Would tie it into base game features and (hopefully) reuse mechanics/assets.

You can then apply Firework Stars to a "Ball Capsule" item via Anvil, following the repair exp cost (exponentially increases the more you apply). This still makes it feel more special and has a cost that discourages absolutely spamming the Capsule with effects.
To apply it, you'd then just right-click it onto the respective Pokémon.
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By 9Tales
#215693 I was thinking of including the actual Stickers, perhaps obtainable from crafting or from some type of shopkeeper. We would be able to pick the type of sticker like "Heart Sticker" or "Star Sticker" from crafting or buying it. The type of sticker decides what particles are created, and the color, particle animation, and size of the particles are customized in the same interface where we customize and apply Ball Capsules.

Here's a basic sketch of what this interface could look like:

We could either include a new block for customizing Ball Capsules/Stickers and applying Ball Capsules, repurpose the Pixelmon anvil for doing it, or have a button in the PC for doing it.

List of particle animation choices that I thought of | Show
  • Stationary particles appearing around the Pokemon and fading away
  • Stationary particles appearing around your Pokemon and then moving towards it a few seconds later.
  • Particles slowly spreading outwards from the Pokemon like Minecraft fireworks
  • Particles quickly spreading outwards from the Pokemon like Minecraft fireworks
  • Particles appearing around the Pokemon and moving upwards
  • A more concentrated stream of particles appearing at the center of the Pokemon and moving upwards
  • Particles chaotically moving around like bees or flies
  • Particles moving away from the Pokemon on the left and the right.
  • Particles swirling upwards around the Pokemon like the Fire Spin animation
  • Particles raining down on the Pokemon
  • Particles making parabolic motions from the center of your Pokemon, basically being shot in upwards directions and then falling, like a fountain
  • Particles making a ring around your Pokemon and orbiting it
  • Particles appearing around your Pokemon and moving towards the Pokemon (like the Dazzling Gleam animation in Pixelmon)
  • One particle appearing above the Pokemon
  • One particle appearing in front of the Pokemon
  • One particle appearing to the left of the Pokemon
  • One particle appearing to the right of the Pokemon
  • One particle appearing behind the Pokemon
  • One particle orbiting the Pokemon
  • One particle moving away from the Pokemon
  • One particle moving towards the Pokemon
  • One particle appearing around the Pokemon and moving upwards
  • One particle chaotically moving around the Pokemon

Maybe we could even make it possible for players to add their own Ball Stickers! They'd need at least a seal design, seal name, particle design, and values for how big a small size, medium size, and large size is.