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By Tahlavos17
#215990 Hello,

I would like to suggest for a Datapack that could implement a crafting recipes for both Ultra Space and Drowned Teleporters that the player could obtain with the options for them to be consumed upon usage be removed with a cooldown of 24Hr. The first image is that for the Drowned Teleporter and the second image is for the Ultra Space Teleporter Both of these will require a Dragon Egg to be crafted.

I was told to come up with a crafting recipe for these items by Lord_Samosa on the official Discord Channel within the General Chat portion of the server and so this is what I've come up with for those of us on a single player world to still have access to these items. If anyone who reads this wants to turn this into a datapack with it being unlimited by all means go forth and create the datapack, all I ask for it just to be mentioned as the crafting recipe creator.