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By 9Tales
#215991 I think that Poke Bags should have a rework of their inventory. They would have 27 slots for general Pixelmon items, as well as a Balls Pocket, Medicine Pocket, TMs Pocket, and Berries Pocket that each hold 9 stacks of the respective items. Or at minimum, a Balls Pocket, Medicine Pocket, and Items Pocket; you don't have to include the TMs or Berries Pocket.

The reason for this suggestion is that Poke Bags are currently completely outclassed by Shulker Boxes. Shulker Boxes are easily obtainable (Shuckle isn't a hard Pokemon to come across) and can hold any items, not just Pixelmon ones. Both Shulker Boxes and Poke Bags can be used in battle, come in all the dye colors, and store the same number of items. The only upside to Poke Bags is that you don't have to place them to access the inventory, but that is a very minor upside and it isn't that troublesome to place a Shulker Box. Why spend time searching for a Poke Bag (or crafting one if using a datapack or on a server that makes it craftable) if an even easier-to-obtain item is better in every way?

Adding the inventory pockets would be good for the Poke Bag because:
  1. It gives players more of a reason to use Poke Bags over Shulker boxes since they overall carry more items, including specific pockets for those useful Poke Balls and Medicine items.
  2. Makes Poke Bags vs Shulker Boxes more of a contest in terms of which is better to fill an inventory slot up with. Poke Bags carry more items, but at the downside of carrying only Pixelmon items and having slots that can only hold one kind of item.
  3. It makes the Poke Bag parallel the Pokemon games more, as every game from Gen II onwards divided the bag into named pockets for different categories of items, and all five of the pockets I suggested existed in multiple games.
  4. It makes the Poke Bag feel more unique compared to shulker boxes and backpacks from other mods.

I'm no artist, but I decided to draw some proof-of-concept sketches of an Orange Poke Bag interface with some bag pockets. Obviously, it would look nicer if this feature got added to the game because it would be made by someone who know how to draw a user interface, but I think it gets the point across.

I definitely think it should have the Poke Ball pocket because Poke Balls are a common item to carry, and having a Medicine pocket would encourage the player to bring healing items (I normally don't because they take inventory space, most only stack to 16, and I can just visit a Pokemon Center to heal). I included the TMs and Berries pockets because they are common bag pockets in the games and unlike some other common ones like the Key Items pocket they work out in Pixelmon. Plus, I often have to throw out TMs or eat Berries to clear up inventory space. The Items Pocket is there because all Pokemon games had a miscellaneous pocket of some kind, and it holds 27 items so that older Poke Bags have a place to put their inventory upon update.

Existing Poke Bags would have their inventories transfer into the Items Pocket. Whether the general items Pocket can hold Balls, Medicine, TMs, and Berries is up for debate. I was thinking that anything that currently can be placed in a Poke Bag can be placed in the Items Pocket, including things that can be placed in another pocket. If not, any of those items in older Poke Bags would be transferred to the respective pockets when this gets implemented, and they would be transferred to the player's inventory or dropped on the ground if those pockets fill up.

You'd be able to hover over the name of any of the pockets and a black textbox would give a general description of the kinds of items that can be placed in it. As a bonus, those textboxes upon hovering over the names is also a way to inform the player that the bag can only hold Pixelmon items, as players trying out the Poke Bag for the first time sometimes wonder why an item they try to place into the bag won't go into the bag, and they may have a similar experience with the Items Pocket due to the generalized name.

Important to note that the exact kinds of pockets the Poke Bag will have and how many slots those pockets have is up for debate. It isn't set in stone at all, and can be changed if you guys feel a different selection of pockets and slot numbers works better.

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By Tahlavos17
#215993 Love the idea, but just a wondering question with this possible update would there possibly be an update to increase the number of items like a Master Ball from the normal 64 to maybe a 2,147,483,647 or would it still count as a stack being 64 of Master Ball?? I personally would like to see an increase of items since both Shulker Boxes and the Poke Bag is currently out classed by a mod called Dank Storage. It has tiny cubes that increase the number of items stored within it where the highest Dank which is Dank 7 can hold 2,147,483,647 of any given number of items.