By Nhox
#215996 Hello, it's been a couple of years since I posted something in here so I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that contributes to this mod for their continuous work during all these years!

I would like to suggest a change to the "structures.yml" config file to allow us to set a limit to the number of similar structures that can spawn in one town.

I have never seen any towns with more than one Poké Center or Poké Mart, but I very often see towns spammed with battle arenas and TCG shops (up to 5 in one town!) which I think is a bit much.

Thanks again!

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By SKyTheThunder
#215998 There is sadly no native way to restrict the number of structure elements (in this case buildings) that can generate in a dynamically generated structure like a village. We had to find a workaround for Pokécenters/Marts (and Gyms) to both restrict them to one per village and make sure you don't end up without one. They currently each have their own connection point from the Town Center - the origin point of a village, the only element we can guarantee always exists.

Other less important structures we had to dial in via trial & error. There are several workarounds at play to integrate structures as large as Battle Arenas and Daycares into Vanilla Villages at all, because those are set up for much smaller buildings. The TCG Stalls have pretty much the opposite issue and end up as "filler" material that is one of the few structure elements the game can choose if there's not much space left.

It would require custom code to restrict structure generation like that, but I'm not sure how possible/viable that would be. I doubt it would be a general config setting though. At most I could see it as something you could set via Data Pack, by overriding the respective Template Pools.
By Nhox
#216002 Ah, I see.
Well, thank you for taking the time to explain how all of this works, I appreciate it.
As someone that knows nothing at all about what happens behind the curtain, I didn't expect this matter to be as complicated as it seems.

The mod is incredibly enjoyable anyway, and I'm always excited to see what's next!
Thank you for your continuous great work :)