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By 9Tales
#216066 I think that each of the Ultra Space biomes should get their own waypoint structure, possibly using one of the rarer PokeStops. The Ultra Space waypoints should be rarer than the Overworld ones.

Waypoints in Ultra Space can work just like waypoints in the Overworld, apart from perhaps Ultra Crater's waypoints starting their own pipe network. Or, you could have them be a little different. For example, being a bit bigger or more complex. One idea I had was having all the Ultra Space waypoints be little 25x25 block camps surrounded by a huge fence and containing the PokeStop, a couple makeshift homes, some farms or other food sources, and some other stuff. Basically, a camp made by people exploring, hunting in, or living in Ultra Space meant to give them what they need to survive and do whatever they want to do while keeping those hyperaggressive Pokemon out. But you could do other things, like just making the waypoints be similar to the Overworld ones but matching their Ultra Space biome.