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By TheCrimsonV
#216879 No one likes wasting their items unwillingly, and the mechanics of the drowned world do just that if a player is unfamiliar with how the dimension and quests work. Before the completion of the Drowned Lugia quest, all Drowned palette Pokemon are unable to be caught, even with the use of Masterballs. However, the game does not prevent the player from using Pokeballs to catch them, like it would with bosses. Preventing item usage would be a lot more beneficial to first-time players who are starting their adventure around Halloween.

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By SKyTheThunder
#216880 Ideally that would be done by graying out the items in the UI and having a tooltip pop up when hovering over them that says something along the lines of: "You feel a stare from afar that makes you recoil at the mere thought of catching this Pokémon."

A quick "failed" message in the regular battle text would be too easy to miss - and this way we can hint at the lore of Drowned Lugia protecting them, tying in the "Eye of Lugia" as a theme.