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By 9Tales
#216894 I think that the Fire village and Ghost villages should always generate between y=32 and y=74.

This is to fix two problematic generation behaviors that both relate to the y-level that they generate at:
  1. The first is that sometimes they generate so high up that the taller buildings remove part of the bedrock ceiling. This is problematic because, while people sometimes use glitches to get above the bedrock ceiling, you aren't supposed to be able to do so naturally. The way the generation of the taller buildings carve giant holes into the bedrock ceiling makes it very accessible. I used a structure block to try different locations, and I find that a maximum y-level of 74 for the bottom of the village prevents the bedrock ceiling from even being exposed, so that should be the maximum y-level that the villages would generate at.
  2. The second is that the two Nether gym towns sometimes generate right at the bedrock floor, usually under the lava ocean. This is problematic because it makes the village hard to find. Given how the ceiling is lava most of the time when this happens, it could also be a trap. A minimum y-level of 32 should ensure that the villages always generate above lava level, so they should be easier to find. I put it slightly above lava level to hopefully mitigate the fact that the villages tend to create a lot of gravel when they generate at lava level.